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“We enable robots to understand our home
and inspire people with their innovative skills
in everyday life.”

Michael Schahpar, Managing Director, CMO, founder

Your Partner for mobile robotics

ROBART was founded in 2009 with the vision of developing mobile robots that support and inspire people in everyday life with their innovative skills.

As a technology leader in AI navigation systems, we help leading manufacturers quickly and easily bring mobile robots to market. True to the one-stop-shop principle, we unite all competencies —everything from software development and electronics, to supplemental services — under one roof and can fully meet the requirements of our customers. In addition to customer-specific development, we also offer cost-efficient and easy-to-integrate standard solutions, right up to complete private-label products that enable a quick start of a brand.

Our navigation system consisting of software, hardware and IoT services is used in several mobile cleaning robots around the globe. At the moment we are focusing the cleaning market but will provide other robotic applications in the following years.

Market Leaders are using our technology

Trailblazer of the robotic assistant

ROBART’s navigation technology impresses people with its innovative features. A technology that gives the robot a complete understanding of its environment and equips it with the ability to learn new things. This will soon make robotic assistants for the household of the future indispensable. Besides assisting with daily home cleaning, many useful applications will be made possible.

One-Stop Provider of AI solutions

We develop AI solutions for our customers which can quickly and inexpensively be converted into series products. Our range of services comprises three types:


Easy integration at high cost efficiency

We deliver complete systems of easy-to-integrate, standardized hardware components, navigation software, APP and IoT services for manufacturers who want to cost-effectively produce a high quality robotic vacuum cleaner.


Fully flexible customization.

For all manufacturers who want to stand out from the competition, we adapt standard components easily and flexibly to individual customer requirements, thus creating unique robotic products.


For a very fast market entry.

We supply high quality cleaning robots that can be individually branded. This allows us to enter the market immediately with little development effort and guarantee very short project durations.

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