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Robart’s Navigation System is compatible with various types of mobile robots, making the Navigation System for floor cleaning robots:

ROB-1: Intelligent mapping system with APP Connectivity remote control, robot notifications and calendar function

ROB-2: Like ROB-1, but with additional map representation to follow the cleaning status of the robot live, Spot Cleaning command via APP

ROB-3: Permanent mapping system with room based map representation in the APP, individual room cleaning, and virtual “no-go” areas. Enabling a unique user experience and constant communication, independent of where you are located


App features:

iOS and Android

Software update of robot via App.
Status feedback of robot (cleaning, battery charging, problem solving).
Notifications via Avatar.
Calendar function: The cleaning of an entire accessible area can be planned on a daily basis.
Map Mode: Tracking of the robot and the progress of its cleaning.
Ability to share the cleaning results via social media (Facebook, Twitter, …).
Map Spot Cleaning: Targeted cleaning around the robot via map-interaction in the App (a square of 1.5 m).
Room based Map: Customization of the living space (naming of rooms, floor types and cleaning intensity).
Individual room / area cleaning: Areas or rooms can be cleaned individually (e.g. clean dining area).
Advanced calendar function: Individual room cleaning can be scheduled on a daily basis.
No-Go Areas: Areas or rooms can be defined, into which the robot will not go.
Last Time Cleaned: The robot tells the user when a room was cleaned the last time.
Expected Cleaning duration: The robot tells the user how long it will take to clean a room.
Multi Floor Mapping: The robot can save up to 5 maps. (e.g. stories in a house).

rob-1 rob-2 rob-3
Targeted Cleaning
Follow & collision avoidance
Pocket Mode
Intelligent tiling
Spot cleaning
Detect & Adapt Mode
Software update
Status feedback
Calendar function
Map Mode
Ability to share
Map Spot Cleaning
Room based Map
Individual room / area cleaning
Advanced calendar function
No-Go Areas
Last Time Cleaned
Expected Cleaning duration
Multi Floor Mapping
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