Robart has already shown in the past that they can anticipate developments and react flexibly to changing conditions.


Cost-effective hightech solution

Robart’s innovative navigation enables the development of attractive and competitive products, with clear competitive advantages and an affordable cost. Instead of using expensive components, Robart promotes the use of an intelligent software, which in terms of performance, places relatively small demands on the hardware.

Reliable confidentiality

Robart considers itself a serious partner for manufacturers of various types of mobile robots, who wish to use a new potential for their market success. This requires an exchange of valuable ideas and other sensitive information, whose secrecy is the top priority for Robart. Ultimately, the business model for the company is based on the mutual trust of a development partnership, which is not abused under any circumstances. This is the foundation of the complete team at Robart.

Fast product development

The unique concept of Robart’s Navigation Solution allows manufacturers to develop their own robots in an extremely short amount of time – thus entering the market faster, with a technically superior product. This means: less costs, fewer risks and a faster return of investment.

Extensive Support and Service

Robart specializes in the development of complete navigation solutions, which can be used in various types of mobile household robots. Depending on the customer’s requirements, a continuous support is available for the entire process, from the robot’s design, to its development (including customer’s adaptations to specific requirements), up to the production (End of Line Tests) and After-Sales service (through software updates).

Complete Electronic Solution

Robart offers a complete package, consisting of the sensor, the mainboard and the app connectivity. The Navigation Technology can be integrated into any type of robot design and is completely customizable to the customer’s needs and wishes.

Smart Home: robots for the daily life

Robart’s unique technology allows robots to be integrated into the daily lives of humans, in an unprecedented depth. Intuitive Smart Home functions, controlled via the smartphone or tablet, perform useful tasks in the day-to-day life and offer numerous interaction possibilities, based on the emotional bond between the robot and its user. This way, robots can be positioned more attractively in the competitive environment and essential competitive advantages can be generated.

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