understand their homes

“ROBART’s Navigation Technology is on its way to becoming the leading platform for home robots, much like Android is a leading operating system for mobile phones.”

Dr. Harold Artés, MD, CTO and Founder


ROBART’s navigation technology makes intelligent robots which understand their environment and immediately find their way around an environment. This opens up completely new applications that inspire and make everyday life easier for people all over the world.

Room-Based Dialog

The robot speaks my language.

The robot scans its new home and autonomously creates a map of the living spaces, which it independently subdivides into rooms. This enables a new room-based communication. The user can give the rooms names or assign different cleaning programs to specific types of floors. Likewise, the robot gives its owner feedback about when a room was last cleaned, and proactively suggests tidying up when needed. Beyond that, it keeps track of how long that process would take.

Safety Inspection

The robot detects unusual conditions

The robot looks after its owners — even if they are not there. By understanding its surroundings, it not only recognizes deviations — such as an open window or a person who has no business being in the house —but it interprets the problem. It knows where in the house something occurs, so it can match a deviation to a room, and warns its owner by sending him/her a message.

Chill-Out Zone

The robot learns habits

Every person has specific patterns of behavior — patterns robots with ROBART technology recognize quickly, making them into personal assistants of their owners. They always memorize recurring events and are not only voice-activated (via language assistants like Alexa) or via an app, but proactive, too. Your robot learns specific habits and gives feedback, such as whether it should serve the 4 o’clock tea as usual.

Simply Adaptable

The robot adapts to the lifestyle habits.

Adaptability is the main driver of development — in humans as well as in technology. Robots with ROBART navigation technology are aware of their environment and can react flexibly to individual changes in cleaning processes. Rooms that are not to be cleaned at a certain time (no-go areas), or are to be very specifically cleaned (go areas) can be easily and quickly defined.

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