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This was IFA 2018

At the IFA 2018, ROBART provided insights into today’s technology and tomorrow’s prospects: “We wanted to show trade professionals at IFA how we can use artificial intelligence to develop useful robots that support and inspire people in everyday life,” co-founder and CMO Michael Schahpar explains.

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This was IFA 2017

Robart demonstrated his new market-ready product line ROB 3, based on Robart’s Navigation Technology such as Permanent Mapping, No-Go Areas, Room-By-Room-Cleaning and User Communication via Alexa – Amazon’s cloud-based voice service!

This was CES 2017

Robart Demonstrated its Innovative Artificial Intelligence “Brain” Created for the Production of Mass Market Robots at CES 2017.

CES 2017 was the year of Artificial Intelligence with intelligent, learning robots aimed at making peoples’ lives easier. Robart presented its next stage, product-ready Artificial Intelligence Control Unit (AICU) to audiences and partners.

Robot 360 ° panoramic view. CES 2017

Robot 360° shot

Hello Las Vegas! Hello CES 2017!

On the way to CES to present what´s inside me!

Say hello, to the future of robotic navigation!

Robart is presenting its newest advanced artificial intelligence solution for the next generation of consumer robotics systems. The Company will showcase its latest next-stage, product-ready Artificial Intelligence Control Unit (AICU) at CES 2017.

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