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Robotics Know-How from Austria

Since our founding in 2009, we have developed into a respected research and competence center for intelligent mobile robotics. At our main location in Linz, as well as other offices in Vienna, Göppingen and Shanghai, we bring together more than 70 employees from eleven nations — many of whom are specialists in software and electronics development. Thanks to our high standards and our strategy, which is oriented towards research and development, we have already registered more than 70 international patents for our innovations.

The Founders and Visionaries

ROBART was founded in 2009 by Dr. Harold Artés and Michael Schahpar with the vision of developing Artificial Intelligence that enables useful and affordable robots in every household. As the CTO, Dr. Artés heads R&D at ROBART. Prior to that, he spent several years in Silicon Valley (USA) heading algorithm development at a fabless semiconductor manufacturer. Michael Schahpar brings his expertise as an experienced founder and manager of various SMEs in the marketing field.


Das Management Team

  • Michael Schahpar
    Michael Schahpar MD / CMO / FOUNDER
  • Harold Artés
    Harold Artés MD / CTO / FOUNDER
  • Wernher Rösler
    Wernher Rösler CSO
  • Hannes Höhmüller
    Hannes Höhmüller CFO
  • Peter Dennerlein
    Peter Dennerlein COO

Investment in Competence

Well-known investment companies quickly recognized ROBART’s potential and invested in the firm. The Robert Bosch Venture Capital Group, Innovacom, as well as the SEB Alliance – the affiliate of Groupé SEB (including Rowenta) – support global market penetration.

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