“We enable robots to understand our home
and inspire people with their innovative skills
in everyday life.”

Michael Schahpar, MD, CMO and Founder

Navigation Systems with Artificial Intelligence

ROBART technology makes robots smart and capable of learning. We have developed components that harmonize perfectly and fit together into a complete system that gives the robot a unique performance. Our AI navigation system consists of hardware (sensor, mainboard) and software, as well as accompanying IoT services which enable communication with the device.

Navigation Software

With Permanent Map Technology

The centerpiece is the Permanent Map Technology that helps the robot to immediately find its way in its respective environment. It enables real area management, for example, by setting go or no-go areas.

Key Product Feature

Area Management
Efficient Cleaning
Multi-Floor Mapping
Room Management
Smart Communication

AI Navigation Unit


The optical laser-based sensor detects its surroundings, regardless of the daylight. It provides the data that the robot needs to navigate accurately.


The mainboard is the robot’s command center. It controls battery management in addition to all of the device’s motors.

IoT Services

Our IoT services enable communication between the user and the device, anytime and anywhere.

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