ROBART, the technology leader for artificial intelligence in mobile household robots, will be presenting the company’s grand vision at the IFA 2018 and demonstrating how robots will support the modern household in the future under the motto “get a taste of the future.”

About eight million cleaning robots were sold in 2017, a figure that will increase fivefold over the next seven years. At the forefront, the Austrian robotics expert ROBART, as a specialist for navigation systems for household robots, is driving this development forward through artificial intelligence. At the IFA 2018, the company will be providing insights into today’s technology and tomorrow’s prospects: “We want to show trade professionals at IFA how we can use artificial intelligence to develop useful robots that support and inspire people in everyday life,” co-founder and CMO Michael Schahpar explains.

The ROBART navigation system is a compact unit of sensors, electronics and intelligent software that manufacturers integrate into their robotic devices. “A robot equipped with our navigation solution memorizes the living environment, recognizes individual rooms and can be optimally used in the home,” Schahpar points out. Thanks to ROBART’s Permanent Map technology, the robot can locate itself exactly on its map at any time and perform specific tasks. It can also be comfortably and intuitively controlled via a smartphone app and voice assistants such as Amazon’s Alexa. “For example, I can close the children’s room off to the robot as long as it’s not tidied up, or carry the robot to the second floor and instruct it to clean the bedroom,” co-founder and CTO Harold Artés elaborates.

At the IFA, a show robot will present the key functionalities in the field of floor cleaning, and also give trade fair visitors a small taste of the future of intelligent household robots by taking orders and serving drinks via an app. “It is going in the direction of a robotic butler. We are already working on implementing this vision,” Artés adds. In 2009, Artés and Schahpar launched the company as a classic start-up. Today, ROBART operates worldwide as a solution provider for the global players of the home appliance industry. Customers already include leading companies such as Rowenta, Bosch, Medion or Kärcher.

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– Portrait photo of co-founder and CTO Harold Artés
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ROBART develops artificial intelligence and navigation for mobile robots. The core product is the ROBART navigation system consisting of software, electronics and IoT services. Key customers include leading home appliance manufacturers – such as BSH, Rowenta, Kärcher or Medion – who incorporate our technology into their products. Founded in 2009 by Harold Artés and Michael Schahpar, the expanding company has registered more than 70 patents and employs an international team of 70 highly skilled people. Well-known investors such as the Robert Bosch Venture Capital Group, Innovacom and CMC-IC, as well as the SEB Alliance – the associate company of Groupe SEB (including Rowenta) – are supporting the firm’s worldwide market penetration.

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