One of the world’s most powerful vacuum cleaner robots is coming onto the market with the intelligent navigation system of the Austrian robotics expert ROBART. The brand-new Rowenta Smart Force Cyclonic product line featuring artificial intelligence from Austria will initially be available in France, Italy and Spain, and is to also be launched in Germany and Austria at the beginning of 2019.

Rowenta, a Groupe SEB brand, provides for comfort in households around the globe. Represented in 160 countries worldwide, the French specialist in small electrical appliances and household goods has been committed to innovation since 1857. Innovations like the use of artificial intelligence in the latest generation of vacuum cleaner robots. The Rowenta Smart Force Cyclonic product family relies on artificial intelligence from ROBART, the technology leader for home robot navigation. SEB quickly recognized the potential of the Linz-based technology trendsetter founded in 2009 and is also a strategic investor in ROBART. “Intelligent, autonomous appliances will become an integral part of the modern household. ROBART’s technology already enables us to bring future-oriented products with enormous customer benefits to the market,” Francois-Xavier Meyer, Investment Director at SEB, points out.

Strong Global Growth Is Forecasted
“Our navigation unit consisting of sensors, electronics and software autonomously learns the environment, detects obstacles, and can be operated by smartphone,” ROBART co-founder Michael Schahpar explains. “We are equipping one of the leading product lines on the market – the Rowenta Smart Force Cyclonic family.” This market is growing exponentially. In 2017, around eight million vacuum cleaner robots were sold globally. By 2025, 40 million units are to be purchased annually. “The proportion of intelligent devices is getting bigger year by year,” ROBART co-founder and CTO Harold Artés stresses. The two entrepreneurs began as a classic startup in 2009 and have continuously been expanding the company into a worldwide operating solution provider for the global players of the household appliance branch. Around 70 employees, including many experts from the software and electronics development field, are now working on the household technologies of tomorrow.

The Robotic Butler Is Coming
Artés outlines ROBART’s grand vision as follows: “The robotic butler who gradually takes household cleaning chores off our hands is coming.” Vacuuming and floor mopping are just the start. These are considered among the most unpopular household tasks. More and more manufacturers are therefore turning to know-how from Linz. “Several market launches are approaching,” Schahpar discloses. The current Rowenta Smart Force Cyclonic line is a further milestone on the path to the intelligent household. Offered first in Italy, France and Spain, the products are expected to also be available in Germany and Austria at the start of 2019.


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ROBART develops artificial intelligence and navigation for mobile robots. The core product is the ROBART navigation system consisting of software, electronics and IoT services. Key customers include leading home appliance manufacturers – such as BSH, Rowenta, Kärcher or Medion – who incorporate our technology into their products. Founded in 2009 by Harold Artés and Michael Schahpar, the expanding company has registered more than 70 patents and employs an international team of 70 highly skilled people. Well-known investors such as the Robert Bosch Venture Capital Group, Innovacom and CMC-IC, as well as the SEB Alliance – the associate company of Groupe SEB (including Rowenta) – are supporting the firm’s worldwide market penetration.

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