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We believe that robotic products will be in every consumer home in the future. Today we can be found in floor cleaning, in the future; our Navigation Unit will also be integrated into different types of home mobile robots. Robart wants to shape this future by offering the best navigation solution for mobile robots.


Through a continuous development, Robart is constantly striving to push technology one-step ahead of what is possible today. Our mission is to offer the most advanced technology available on the market, in order for our customers to enable products with real customer value.

Based on our permanent map technology we offer the most advanced solution for cleaning robots, but also open the market for new product categories in home environments, such as security, entertainment, communication, elderly care or fetch and carry.

Robart offers a complete package, so robot manufacturers can use our technology to bring robots into the market more quickly enabling a leapfrogging product. Our Navigation System can be used across all industries, enabling the manufacturer to develop robots faster and more efficiently. Thus, costs can be reduced without compromising the quality.  With this package, Robart wants to shape the future of consumer robots.

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